6mths old LO difficultly putting to sleep

My LO difficult to put her sleep during day time. She sleeps not even one hour uninterrupted sleep during day time. She will just want to carry and close her eyes. I don’t know if she sleep onot. When we try to put her down, she will cry and open her eyes widely. Evening time we carry her while she is sleeping ard one hr.Btw night time she sleep at 9pm, wake up for feed at 3am and 7am. Both feed require one and half hr before she go back to sleep. She will wake up at 9am in the morning. Does she have sufficient sleep based on the routine she achieved. Any advice?

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Try sleep train her? Google about it and give it a try. Will be hard to watch when she cries, but sooner or later it had to be done. My 4mth old girl is just starting to be sleep trained