Hi Everyone, Recently my little one who is 9mths old been having problem with sleeping. Everyday I try to put her to sleep at 9plus-10plus. Her last nap time will be around 5-6pm. I know she is tired because she is rubbing her eyes. But the biggest challenge is when I try to put her to sleep. She will cry, scream and fight with me. Good days she will just resist for maybe 5-10mins bad like today was for 1.5hrs and she still doesn't wan to sleep. I tried forcing her but there is not use at all. It's seems like she doesn't wan to sleep because she wants to play yet she is super tired. I'm so tired and heart pain to her like this. Some times she cries so badly that I just stop trying to put her to sleep and she ends up sleeping around 11pm-12am which is not good for her. Anyone has suggestion? Super desperate tired mom.

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Hey mommy, I feel for you. I can understand how it feels when you see your baby in pain or in a irritable situation. But, I guess it's a phase and you have no choice but to wait for this phase to get over. Apart from this, what you can do is feed her full before you put her to bed. You can also play soothing music that will help in calming her. See, because she is on solids now, has started to crawl, teething, also trying to pick up so n any new words that she listens yo Ghat he'd mind is acting like crazy. She actually is working super fast mentally Bx that for sure iz taking toll on her shih iz what affecting her sleep pattern. But do not worry, it will be fine in few months ans she will adapt to you sleeping schedule.

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Hi there!! :) A baby's natural sleep cycle starts from 630-8pm. So it will be better to bring the night sleep time earlier because their bodies will naturally get tired and they will be more sleepy at this timing. If you miss this timing, your baby will be overtired hence she's resisting the sleep. Because your baby now sleeps 9-10pm, should try to slowly make the bedtime earlier. Try to make bedtime at 8pm first. That means the last nap should end by 530pm. Also make sure there's ample nap during daytime. Especially the noon nap because this is the most important nap - restorative nap. Sleep begets sleep. Dont listen to people who stops baby from napping so as to have good night sleep. No such thing. Jiayou!!

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Hi mommy, 9MO's wake time is only between 2.5-3.5h. Her bedtime (being asleep) needs to be at 8-9PM. The reason why she's crying and screaming is because she's terribly overtired. Overtired babies are cranky, can't be put down, and finds it hard to sleep. At this age, she should be soothing herself to sleep after a bedtime routine. If she's not, you may want to get her to do so. She also needs 2-3h of naps in the day. A well rested baby sleeps better at night. Sleep begets sleep!

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My son same as you 9month, he already routes time to sleep by 7.30-8pm Before 730 milk. I put him on bed n he sleep by himself. Afternoon must let bb snap n he will feel better. Sometimes my son dun drink at midnight. Dont panic, let him listen baby song which i use it everyday. By time he will automatically wan to sleep.

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I have the same problem as you. I will give my 7mo milk before sleeping and we will sleep beside her. And we will switch off all the lights and be silent. She will eventually calm down and sleep. Then we will put her back to the cot. It works sometimes, better than her resisting and crying.

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She’s overtired during bedtime. Bring forward the bedtime routine to 8.45 latest 9. No later than that. What’s her schedule for the entire day? A 5-6pm nap also sounds quite late.