Preparing Shanayah for her Sister In January.

Shanayah, my soon to be 2yrs old is expecting a baby Sister in January. She has started to be protective of her mummy and has been by her side whenever mummy is around. Came to a point where even daddy was not allowed to be close to mummy. Time to put a stop to it and let her realise that she will not be forgotten. This is what I have been doing for the last 2 months. 1) Constantly remind her that there is a baby in mummy’s tummy. A new Friend for her to play with but mummy needs to see to new baby THEN to Shanayah .( Breastfeeding) 2) Get her to talk to Baby in the tummy whenever daddy is talking to baby too. 3) Let her help out in choosing clothes and toys for little Sister. 4) Buy at least 1 item for her whenever we buy stuff for No2 so Shanayah don’t feel left out. Hope this helps Fathers who are in my shoes.

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Congratulations! And thanks for sharing!?