Seem pregnant until now. Im having headache everyday.. don't know why ? Who same with me?

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Yes it is. Sampai kena pegi klinik ambil ubat yg sesuai utk pregnant woman. Don't simply take panadol ya sis😊

Yes.. Same to me for a mont i can't do any homework.. Just lying in bed.. Like my head gone to explode..

same goes to me..sometimes it just happen..dont know why..just enjoy the moment i think 😁

Blood pressure ups n downs and also don't forget to drink more water!

cek vitamin u makan. selalu obimin memang buat sakit kepala😫😕

after change my vitamin, my headache stopped 😅😅

Kinda tooo! Vicks vaporub is my bfff nowwwww.

same like me , every day sakit kepala

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Yes I think it’s hormones :(

me!!! 😢 and ruin my day.