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How long after giving birth did you and your husband resume having sex? #sec #postpartum

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How long it takes doesnt matter but you have to be ready,yourself, not forced just to satisfy your husband. Remember having sex is equivalent to making love.. So give yourself time to be ready and explain that to your husband he sure would understand.

PP 5 months and we had less than 5 times i think. I gave birth naturally however I still feel the pain & tightness that makes me feel uncomfortable. We have put lubricant but it doesn't really help. Anyone is the same as me?

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If naturally, i will wait for the scar to heal, i dun wan it crack again! Basically about 1 months +- when the scar heal. Will be a bit difficult but hubby have to be gentle and slow till i get used to it.

3 months! It was a very nerve wrecking experience for me personally, as my body was so different. But I guess we just had to rip the band aid off fast, and from there we began to find our balance again :)

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I wanted right away i guess my hormones was soo high after giving birth but my husband said he would only do once the I go for the 6 weeks later checkup and doc check everything okay then he would ūüėā

First 2 child was a month after. 3rd child was 2months after as I had complications healing and we were overwhelmed and outnumbered. We always ended up exhausted too.

2 months after my ob gave us the most awaited heads up ūüėÜ ob said " i know you gonna ask me where to resume, so yes, you can, tell your husband " ahaha

Almost 6 months and still not having any sex.. husband is frustrated. Is this ok? Can my marriage survive this way? Mummys any advice?

After 1 month cos I couldn'ttake it anymore I have high sex drive! . It depends on individual on how fast they heal

My husband not patient. He wanted in me right away but I offered him oral instead. He was okay with that for a week.

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