menses back after giving birth?

Dear fellow mommies ,how long did you get your menses back after giving birth?

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Your period will typically return about six to eight weeks after you give birth, if you aren't breastfeeding. If you do breastfeed, the timing for a period to return can vary. Those who practice exclusive breastfeeding might not have a period the entire time they breastfeed.

First one came during confinement when milk supply still not established. Then the next one was after stop breastfeeding.

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Depends! I’m 4 months postpartum still haven’t got my menses yet cause I’m breastfeeding

It depends from a period of 2 to 6 months depending on whether you are breastfeeding

Actually it depends.. I’m coming 5 month pp and menses yet to come and I’m EBF

my baby was 4 months old when my menses came back and I am still breastfeeding

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Mine came around 1.5 months after giving birth, exclusive bf

Mine came about 3 months after. I was still breastfeeding then.

stop breastfeeding at 3 months and menses came few weeks later

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Around 6 months cause I breast feed my baby for 4 months