Gynae Delivery charges

Say if I opt for normal vaginal delivery w/o epidural and if under emergency circumstances I had to be operated under c-sect, will I be charged both normal vaginal delivery and c-sect fee or just c-sect charges only?

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Charged both. My friend paid close to 16k in Mount A. She was induced then her cervix open till 5cm max. Gynae said waiting period too Long then emergency c section.

Mount A says they charge once but there are additional cost for items you have used (ala carte) during your natural delivery attempt.

Charges vary at different hospital. It will be best you go for hospital tour and get the info you need

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the charges is not based on your choice but how the baby comes out in the end

For mount Alvernia, you’ll only be charged for 1 method of delivery!

charge both. c sect is considered as a la carte on its own

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Sadly.. Is both for TMC. It happend to me 😅😅


Mount E novena only charge one.

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Mount e charge once


Charged both