Natural or c-sect delivery

Baby weight at 3.2kg during 37 weeks, gynae mentioned baby is at big size, should i try natural delivery or go for c-sect delivery ? And what is the final bill charges ? #1stimemom

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I had the same situation. depends on the head circumference (HC) too. My baby was 3.3kg at 37 weeks+, HC 34.3cm. Gynae said baby was big. If natural, best is HC don’t exceed 34cm. I still tried to induce for 17hrs at 38 weeks but failed. Ended up with elective c-sect on the same day. Failed cos umbilical cord was wrapped around the neck and leg but even without this, the head might also be too big for bb to come out. But depends on individual’s body. Final hospital bill was 14k+ for elective c-sect at mount E. Hope this helps! :)

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Try natural. I have a friend who is petite but her children are all big sizes when born at 4kg +. She gave birth to all naturally. Unless there's complication then opt for c-sect.

3y ago

No, but you will be charged both costs for natural & c-sect delivery.