hi, SAHM does your mil ask you for money every month? she ask me for money every month when hubby gets pay. Hubby bring home merely $1.5k.. We are staying with ILs. She never fails to ask me to give money go my FIL every single month even when I told her that we are paying bank loan of $300 every month. Plus Minus expenses, we really have nothing left. So my parents always help me out by giving me money and all. But my parents never ask money from me before even though they help us every month. I feel that it is unfair if I give my ILs but not my parents.. What do you think?

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I am SAHM and I dont give my MIL money since I am no longer working. But to be fair to your in laws, they have provided you and your husband a place to stay thus it will be good if your husband is willing to make an effort to give a minimal sum of money. Do consider that if you were to rent from market or having own place, it's definitely much more expensive. Both set of your parents have contributed in their own ways it's not about fair or not fair though.

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5y ago

If its really tight up to this point, then ask your husband to speak to his mum about his limit either he give or dont give and see what your MIL says. Or a small contribution for utilities is good enough, cos cannot ignore that fact that they provide a place to stay.