hi, SAHM does your mil ask you for money every month? she ask me for money every month when hubby gets pay. Hubby bring home merely $1.5k.. We are staying with ILs. She never fails to ask me to give money go my FIL every single month even when I told her that we are paying bank loan of $300 every month. Plus Minus expenses, we really have nothing left. So my parents always help me out by giving me money and all. But my parents never ask money from me before even though they help us every month. I feel that it is unfair if I give my ILs but not my parents.. What do you think?

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Same situation here, staying with in laws we’ve already help them to split the bills for SP services, paying their internet fees as well as paying my mil as she is helping me to tc of my child. But my fil always say and asked to help to pay the food expenses which we rarely eat at home. Moreover I didn’t even give my parent money which I felt super bad as I doesn’t have enough after paying all these. Sigh...

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