hi, SAHM does your mil ask you for money every month? she ask me for money every month when hubby gets pay. Hubby bring home merely $1.5k.. We are staying with ILs. She never fails to ask me to give money go my FIL every single month even when I told her that we are paying bank loan of $300 every month. Plus Minus expenses, we really have nothing left. So my parents always help me out by giving me money and all. But my parents never ask money from me before even though they help us every month. I feel that it is unfair if I give my ILs but not my parents.. What do you think?

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Ok... looking at your situation sounds familiar to my situation... the only difference was we don't stay with my ex in-laws...so for my case was that my ex MIL started asking money from me when we left my son in her care... that time I just graduated and started working... so besides giving my dad allowance, I still had to give her and my ex hubby money plus pay for my study loan... but I'm a very auto person... since she helped to take care of my boy so I gave her money... but she expected me to give more than her son becos I earned more than him...special occasions I also bought stuffs for her like abalone on CNY and mooncakes from hotels on Mid-Autumn festival but she never ever said one thank you to me... this kind of situation went on for 8.5 years until I divorced... many times I would think my ex hubby and in-laws didn't support me financially through my studies so why should I give them money? And why should I give more just becos I earn more than my ex hubby? so now my current hubby... I don't give him money... he gives me allowance... I still buy stuffs for my in-laws on special occasions and I don't give them money unless it's CNY or their birthdays... in my view... maybe your hubby and you should have a proper discussion with your in-laws and agree on who to give them money and how much to give... it should be within both of your means... worse come to worse then you and your hubby should move out to avoid conflicts... and your hubby should be the one to manage and handle all conflicts between u and his parents... no matter what u do appreciation is very important... your hubby must appreciate your contributions towards his parents and your in-laws have to appreciate your contributions towards them too... you dun owe anybody anything other than your parents who brought u up and provided you education...

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