i constantly have migraines or mild headaches.

Is it safe to consume panadols (paracetamol) while pregnant? Many advise me against it and seek natural remedies. But sometimes i just need fast relieve..

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Drink a lot of water. Like really a lot. U can take two of the regular panadol. Its fine. As long as its not the panadol extra or anything else. And don't take more than two within 8 hours. After u take it, pls rest. Take a nap for an hour or more. U need all the rest u can get now.

I think its ok to take panadol as long as you dont take it too frequently. I am allergic to painkillers, so if i have migraine i will rub some essential oil thingy on my temples or if i am at home, i will just sleep.

Hey, Yes it is fine but if it is happening a lot then please consult your gynae

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Can. But dun take the stronger ones, just the normal panadol will do

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Can but do consult your gynae if the pain gets too severe

Can eat Panadol. But if is too often better check with gynae

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Don't often consume. Try heat pads or massage

I go urut to relieve migraine till I 28 week

Normal panadol is ok

I just read about it

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