Bathe baby in the evening

Is it safe to bathe my baby in the evening? share your views with me.

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Yes why not? I bath my baby once in the morning then wipe clean with a wet towel in the evening, say about 5-6pm till baby turns 3 mths then I start to shower baby twice a day. Of course with warm water than wipe their wet hair off so they won't catch a cold. Babies sleep better when they're fresh and clean.

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Yes, why not? We’ve been bathing my girl even after 8 pm (only on Saturdays coz grannies’ day and we go back home around 8 pm) and she’s OK. Just use lukewarm water. It’s good for babies to sleep feeling fresh 😁

Why do u feel that it’s not safe? Erm I have been showering my boy since birth twice a day. 1st after 30 mins he woke up and 2nd time is about 530pm


best not to do it after 6pm. it's colder easily catch a cold and if you believe in some Chinese saying is that baby will jing feng

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I've been bathtub bathing baby in the evening (7-8pm) before bedtime. baby is well and strong.

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We bathe our baby in evening, around 7pm or so. Then feed her and put her to sleep.

Shower in the morning, evening around 6 or 7pm clean baby with a wet warm towel

should be ok.. at long as don't catch cold