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Duphaston and Utrogestan
Hi all, Due to bleeding I was prescribe Duphaston since 6 weeks to 17 weeks and 18 weeks now Gynae stop Duphaston and prescribe Utrogestan due to cramps. would like to know if anyone was prescribe th
I took duphaston too when I found out I was pregnant. Now I'm at 24 weeks and my gynae asked me to take utrogestan after finishing duphaston. He said these meds are 安胎药 and it relax the uterus.
Yes Duphaston is to protect miscarriage of baby. It’s known as 安胎药 in Chinese. Take them if you have been prescribed. I took them when I was around your pregnancy time too.
I took both before! From week 5 till week 20. Its to stabilise the pregnancy. Don't worry too much esp if its prescribed! Baby is and will be healthy. :)
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If u prefer u can change your gynae get second opinion
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Don't worry too much. If gyane approve the medicine, it is fine.
Scented panty liner
Hi is it safe for us pregnant lady to wear scented panty liner?
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Lower back and cervix cramp
I am plus size and currently 16 weeks preggy, Is it normal to feel mild cramp on lower back and cervix?
Best to check with your gynae.
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Yes. Can let gynae know, they will also advise
14 weeks with low placenta
Hi all, would like to know if there is any way to let the placenta move up? Had bleeding today, when to check with Gynae and was advice they placenta was too low that cause bleeding. Do anyone have th
My placenta was low during first trimester. If possible, have lots of bed rest, don't carry heavy things, walk less. It was normal after 2nd trimester.
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bed rest is the best
I had the same issue, and thankfully, placenta moved up after 2 weeks bed rest. Try to minimize walking and do not carry heavy things. Don't run, jump, climb!
I had low placenta. Never had any bleeding. Last check up was mid 23 weeks and my gynae said that the placenta has moved up Most low placenta would move up around 6-7months
Very dry skin
Hi I’m 13 weeks preggy. Experiencing very dry and peeling skin. Do anyone have any suggestion of cream to apply or anyone have the same experience?
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I use bio oil
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Bio oil is good
Bio oil
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Palmer’s cocoa butter lotion. I liked it a lot. And the smell was so good too. Haha