Is it ok to bathe the baby with just water, without any soap?

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yes it is.. but every parent prefers to bathe them with even a little soap.. I used cetaphil since then for my LO .. everytime I'm using other brand, his skin becomes dry and dark. so i stick to cetaphil products then. now, my LO is turning 3, he's using cetaphil baby wash with aloe vera then i also apply cetaphil baby lotion for extra moisturizer

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Though babies seldom gets very dirty, I would still recommend using mild soap (nothing too strong) suitable for babies when bathing the child. Given Singapore's hot and humid climate, babies will perspire easily. Having a nice shower that cleans the body sufficiently would help keep the baby comfortable. :)

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U can try Mamaearth baby bath after that use Mamaearth baby moisturising lotion. It is best for baby's dry skin. it is natural and clinically tested product. No harmful chemicals in this product. I'm also using for my kids. Once u try

Thanks Hui! We were using mustela but my baby's skin was drying so we stopped it and bathe her with pure water only.

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At the first week, I only bathe with water. But after that, I bathe with water and soap

Water is just okay, but if you would prefer soap, ensure you get soap meant for babies

Yes because the baby skin is very sensitive.

yes.. it's ok.. even up to first month.

Yes but I want warm water mix cold and hot.

yes it’s okay. for newborn babies