Recently, I had a subtle displeasing incident where I was planning to make a trip to my brother's home and his wife did not respond well because she did not want me at their place because their 8 year old son's exams were going on. My husband, my daughter and I were planning to go for just one day, and that too on a weekend. I felt very bad when she did not showed any welcoming attitude which is why I cancelled my programme and my husband went as he had some official work. I felt hurt and I do not feel like talking on regular basis to her like I used to do. I am feeling I should maintain distance as she changed her attitude towards me for just a tiny thing. Do you think I am right?

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why are you so upset about this? her son had an exam and you all were visiting and she may have been stressed about it, that's all. let it go, as this is your family and such small incidents should not come in the way of something that is so important. i don;t think that she has changed her attitude towards you at all, it was just one day. and you yourself said 'for such a tiny thing.' then let it go, right? :) and don't think so much.

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