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Is there any shift-hours working parents here? My husband is working on 12 hour shifts and I, myself, just started working AM shifts without fixed off days. We have been sending our 9 month old baby to IFC since he was 4 month old. I feel stress all the time thinking of the well being of my baby. Like is he getting enough attention from my husband and I because we are always out working even on weekends? At times both, me and husband, will be on AM shifts. Latest I’ll end will be at 1630 and then I gotta rush home to be with my baby. My baby will usually go to bed around 1930. To think that I only got 3 hours with my baby, my heart broke. I would like to know what are you, shift working parents, schedule like? And how do y’all make this work?

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Hi mummy! Me and my husband we both work 12hr shift. Downside yes we do spend lesser time with him after work since i be home by 9-9:30pm and my husband at 10:30pm. So apparently my mum will put my son for his nap and he will wakeup by himself at 10:15pm. So that will be the time me and my husband able to spend time with him. But sometimes my son will just sleep thru out the night. Every single time before we left for work or before our son goes to sleep, we always talked to him n informed him that we need to go work n why we need to work. Yes its painful for nt able to spend long hrs, but for me my boss able to let me wfh at times when i need to. Me n my husband also have different off days.. so i always remind him, even if im not around pls spend more time with him and dnt let him feel like his parents neglected him. Hes 5months now and ive actually missed his 1st turn. But at this time mummy, we just need to be strong and dont ever stressed ourself because we always try and want the best for them.

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8mo ago

Awww.. they will definitely understand us one day.. dnt get overwhelmed!! I cry the first few months leven leaving him to my mum in good care. But, just be positive and keeeeepppp TALKING with ur baby!!!! Hugs!! Ure one strong women!!! ❤️❤️❤️

we both work office hour 9-6pm 830am-6pm we send baby to IFC at 730am which means we have to leave house at 630am. pick him at around 7pm and by the time reach home is already 8pm. we do not have much time also, treasure every moment, commuting is also part of bonding

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8mo ago

But my husband’s and my weekends are affected and we won’t be able to be there for our baby. That’s what I’m so guilty about.

working 9-6pm also spending around 2-3hrs daily we send baby to IFC at 7am which means we leave house at 6am, pick him at 7pm, by the time reach home 8pm shower milk zzz.. we treasure every moment, commuting is also bonding

actually even without shift work, i work office hours, i also only get 3hours per day with my baby. it’s up to us to make it the most meaningful 3 hours of bonding time with them. why do you not think it’s working?

8mo ago

Maybe I’m feeling so because my MIL keep asking me to try get weekends off etc. I am staying with my in-laws at the moment so I always feel pressured. My MIL will always side my husband. Saying he’s working a 12hour shift so he’s more tired?