Smart or happy

Would you rather your kids be smart or happy?

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Probably both, but since it's or, I want then to be smart than happy, maybe if it's smart or enjoy , I choose enjoy, there is difference between happy and enjoy, life is not just happiness but also a sadness. It's just a thinking.

It's hard to strike a balance between these 2 thin line happiness. Smart but crafty is gonna be a handful. Happy yet contended, that's a more life fulfilling. Different strokes for different folks. Some kids are just no so book-smart.

I'm practical. I want them to be smart. This world is tough enough as it is and being smart does help. Hopefully, that attribute will help them make informed decisions, right choices and let them have a happy life :)

I prefer my boy to be happy than smart. Being smart is not everything. Being happy comes first. Well unless he grows up and put me into old folks home & he's happy about it. I am gonna kick my boy in his a**. HAHAHAHA!

my 3 kids age 8,6 n 5 only go to school no tuition or enrichment .... I wan them to have a happy childhood like now I always tell them about my childhood ... smart is important but I will go for happy first then smart

My children and I are smart and happy. So was their late father. Do you think smart people aren’t happy or happy people aren’t smart? If you believe that, perhaps you are neither one.

Definitely happy...🥰🥰 because I believe if my kids are happy they can reach and can achieve more in life... and that's what I want to see my kids,I want to watch them grow happy 😘😘😘🥰🥰

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I want my kids to be happy because with happiness comes joy and with joy comes peace of mind and with peace of mind comes intelligence and smartness which is all you need for a happy and successful life.

Definitely happy, tend to see too many parents schedule so many classes for their kids at young age and seems they are not enjoying themselves let them enjoy their childhood at least..

Happy of coz. coz we are not very smart when we are growing. But we still are happy. growing up happily will certainly contribute to wiser and clever choices and decisions. yay?