Smart or happy

Would you rather your kids be smart or happy?

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Happy kids! When your mental health is good and happy, everything will be smoothing and easy for you

Smart!! As smart kids find their happiness by their own.

Both po pero siempre ang importante happy siya. 😊

Happy kid!!! 😄😄😄

Definitely happy,bcoz if ur kids r happy it will reflect in their attitude, to b good,humble n polite which will make them look smart.

Both po hehehehe

First happy

I am always happy to see my baby smiles and laugh.i pray to god my baby is everyday lots of smiling.

Happy happy happy. Every kid only has one childhood, let kids play (and learn). That's my guiding principle when I select the type of enrichment classes to send my boy to. It has to be something that seeks to 'enrich' interests, something he wants to do, he looks forward to the class and comes out of every class smiling and telling me all that happened in class - happily.

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Happy kids are better :)