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Kids these days are too much addicted to smart phones. My 4year old needs YouTube to eat her meal. Any tips??

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During her meals, are the adults around her looking at their phones too? Maybe you can make stories about the food she is eating... get her to tell you stories, play "If I am a xxx, I will do xxx", "Simple Simon says: chew your food 5/10 times" and count together with her etc As a child, she may try to imitate what adults do, hence just need to put the phones away:)

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5y ago

All the best:)

Try to make meals / meal times more creative. Make it look more appealing to them with colours, shapes and add variety. Get them to be involved in meal preparation so they will look forward to their creation. You can also link it to their favourite cartoon or role models e.g. popeye who gets his strength from the food he eats! :)

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I would just take it away..she has a fit she will get over it..explain to her we don't do that when we eat and don't give in I think a 4 yr old should not have a least mine won't...that's why we all these over weight kids in the world they are not active anymore..

I think we can engage them in some interesting conversation. An example can be a conversation on something funny that happened on a given day. Like this, the chid gets engaged to you and the discussion topic and at the same time enjoys the meal :)

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we will all keep our phones away. start off with small toys for distraction. then let them eat themselves and have a table rules, no toys & gadgets on table during meals. it's family bonding time. they will understand and get used to it.

prepare busybags/activities during outside meal times so your child might not look for the phone as a distraction.

Same here! Go to school see YouTube, come back home immediately see YouTube and eat meals still see YouTube !!!!!

my boys need hp too! if dont give, they will make a big fuss outside. so embarrassing 😭

2y ago

Same here

How about having a chat while she eats? Or reading her a book?


How about reading her a story when she has her meal?