he's not a bad husband but he just sucks as being a dad

Just ranting but its not that he's a bad person or what. In fact he's one of the best person with the best personality but when it comes to baby caring he really sucks at it and he doesn't even try to improve n like hope miraculously that the baby fall asleep or the baby will hungry soon. So many times when I ask him to help tc he do it like half an hour n comes n tell me baby dun wan to eat, don't want to sleep and all. It's not that he never tries. Of Cuz he try but fails alot of time then ask me to take over. But like his success rate sucks man.cant he learn to.improve????????? I'm really v pissed off and angry

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Absolutely relatable! Sometimes I wonder if this is my husband’s strategy so that our child won’t always look for him 😏 Yes he tries to help when needed but it’s really just “help” and not 100% dedicated in bonding and understanding our child. There are so many incidents which made me so livid, like my husband MUST finish replying his friends’ lame group chats before he respond to our LO 🤬 By then, my LO got very frustrated and refused his daddy. Till the extent, my LO doesn’t even let my husband pick him up from bed, like nope I don’t want to see this person the moment I’m awake 😳😳😳 And yes my husband doesn’t bother to improve too!! He think it’s okay for our LO not to be close with him, in fact he’s even happier that our LO leave him alone... Other husbands work long hours and away from home so understandable not close with child, but my husband basically WFH since our LO was born but still......

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Hahaha I totally get you!!! I love my husband!!! But I think he's not meeting my expectations as a dad!! Especially now during CB, it's so frustrating to have to prepare 3 meals a day + so much housework.... when I'm away cooking for less than an hour, I keep stealing glances to see what my hub is doing with the baby cause she keeps crying!! On days when I just can't deal with her crying I'll just ask him to order in. So frustrating! I'm a sahm, and my baby rarely cries when I'm caring for her. So it's really frustrating to hear her being so upset when under daddy's care. I think he's trying, but not giving his best... let's just give up on hoping they will improve at baby caring... maybe it will get better when baby is able to talk and walk? At least that's what I hope! But for now, I'll just order in and have a messy house so that I don't have to get hub to look after my baby girl

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My hub has the same issues also. Carry baby only for a while and cannot make him sleep. He says he did try but baby doesnt like. I feel he doesnt mk an effort at all.

Maybe u talk to him about it? Like try to put more effort or teach him how to feed or coax baby to sleep??

my husband also the same, but once i start to take divorce out he will help.

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My husband will bring my girl to in laws when I asked him to tc

Maybe talk to him More.