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Will it be a good decision if i decide to invite my ex husband to my son's 1st birthday after cutting off almost all contact with him? He was never really physically present around my son while my baby boy is growing up & it was his decision as after he cheated on me while i was pregnant, i tried to not be a toxic person when we're around our son but he just couldn't care less to ask about how our son is doing + on top of that he doesn't really help out financially or carry out his responsibilities as the father to my son.. He only appeared in my son's life when he felt like it was convenient for him for example when our son is healthy & well he doesn't find time to appear acting as a father figure but when baby boy is in the hospital he just suddenly appears out of nowhere to visit our son then demandingly ask me to give baby boy to him when i just put our son to sleep & when i told him "no" snatched our son out of my hands aggressively. So should i let him be a part of our son's 1st birthday celebration on 11 march?

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I personally won’t, especially the part where he probably doesn’t bother whether his child is sick or what yet still forcefully wanna take him away. That part is selfish enough for me. And it’s supposed to be a happy occasion since it’s 1st birthday and probably will have many guest, you don’t wanna risk him showing up making a hooha trying to take your son away again.

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sounds like u have reasons to cut off contact... so doubt it would b a good idea 🤔

Dont. He seems unstable.

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Hell no