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Previously I posted about this friend who gave birth few months later den me..she likes to boast about how clever her son is each time we have conversation(mostly whatsapp) as I seldom meet her too(more distressing to hear her praise her son in my face). I've always maintained a positive attitude or simply just a word or two and ignore after that.. however I feel quite sick about it. She always boast about her son at 1year old plus can scoot already, can ownself bathe, can speak how many words etc. However one time she came my house and boasted says her son can sit swing independently however when we go playground downstairs he can't and she says oh this swing is shaped differently. Says her son attend school for the first time and doesnt cry and teacher praise her son for being smart at his age..even says that her PD assess her son brain to be 3yo..is there even such assessment? As she has a 5yo niece who stays with her, her son learns everything from her niece whereas my son is the only child at home. Every toddler develops at different phase and have their own strength and weaknesses. For my toddler, he knows the full abc and numbers 1 to 20 and more at 18months, have good memory and can point correctly of whatever we asked, just that he doesn't want to speak yet. Since my friend likes to boast about her son, I tried to boast mine too (but I'm not the type who likes to boast). However she ignores me but expects me to react whenever she says her son is clever. So recently I've decided to stay away from her and did not reply her msges. She msged me again and asked how am I? Should I reply or ignore? #pleasehelp

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Ganun nlng dn gawin mo if wala syang reaction towards how you boast your son, iniisip nya kasi na superior ang anak nya well wala naman masama don pero sana sensitive dn sya kasi may mommy dn na nakikinig sa sinasabi nya pero ang dating sya lng ang pde mag malaki, ayoko dn ng ganyan may ganyan akong kawork before we'll actually freind ko sya, masyado pang baby mga anak natin let them enjoy and appreciate things by their own

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3mo ago

English pls. Author ranted in English..

Honestly I think if other people tell me their kids very smart I will feel happy for them because it would hurt so much more to hear people saying “ my son has speech delay etc.” I hope the best for all children and not just mine. But if someone repeating trying to turn such praise into a toxic kind of comparison then I will choose to ignore.

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3mo ago

Yes she's very affected yet bragging about her son's development..everytime in conversation she will link to this..like oh her husband complained her son (I forgot about wad) and she said to me her son at his age can do etc. etc. etc is very good already her husband should be thankful..and say her friend comment about her son and she complained to me and says her son is very good for his age to do this that speak very well etc and I told her ignore that toxic friend children all grow up the same like us don't we? But I guess she just wants to boast about her son to me la..never ending..so sick and tired of her..she even compare her own niece and her son saying her son is better and smarter den her niece..ok wadever..enough of her bragging.

Oh damn. Personally i would ignore. Well, she might still come back for “more” 😂 Most imptly do not let her words affect you.

3mo ago

Yes I've ignored her for a month and she still keeps msging me..doesn't get my hint😅 shall continue to ignore

just tell her that you're busy. people who boost about themselves because they have low confidence

3mo ago

Good idea thanks!