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I dislike my SIL kiss my son. Other people all OK. But only her. Is it my problem? I will very anti her when she is carrying my baby as well. I feel she don't have hygiene knowledge and just do things with her way. I don't like my son stay with her. What should I do? She is a smoker and keep lots of animals and has attitude problems.

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I'm not sure about you but I will keep my son away from her, whenever she approach I will say baby don't like your cigarette smell.

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Just let her know about it. Tell her about the importance of hygiene

Hey, I would suggest tell your husband to talk to your SIL.

Just let ur son stay away from her

3y ago

We are staying under the same shelter. What do u suggest?

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Clean hands 1st?

3y ago

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.