Polyclinic Visit Then Private Hosp

Hi All, is it possible to have my first few check ups with polyclinic first (8 weeks) then after all the major tests, during 2nd trimester I will go to a private doc at TMC? Reason for doing this: to try to save as much cost as possible. Appreciate your kind input. Thanks!

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To be honest i went through the polyclinic then private... is time consuming cause the waiting hours like to be 1.5hours -2hours After calculating i think no point to went for polyclinic then private

Yes private gynae will provide package. So actually was still alright. Kkh public will tend to waste a lot of time just to scan for 5 mins

Add on to above replied certain gynae don't accept patient at certain weeks also.

Yeap no point going thru polyclinic since different gynae. And most private gynae say TMC MT A/E , don’t take patients beyond 14 weeks.

Actually private gynae got package. U won't save up alot If u visit poly clinic but at the end need spend lot time

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It is possible but usually if go polyclinic means plan to go to govt hospitals at subsidized rates. If already plan to go private, might as well follow a private gynae.

Yes. I am under subsidised route at kkh now but will be seeing a private gynae at kkh during my 3rd trimester.

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Hi shida, how do you change to private from sub? Do i need to call in or i can just let the gynae know when i went for my appointment? I thought of switching to private too.