First scan at 12 weeks, is it normal?

Hi i went to polyclinic towards late oct to request for a referral to NUH. Is it normal to have my first scan at 12 week? Anyone go through this too? During my polyclinic visit the doctor didnt check urine test to confirm my pregnancy. However few days before heading over to the polyclinic ive tested on 4 kit and all is positive. Its abit worrying because ive experienced a miscarriage in early January this year. If follow my flo app, im currently 8 weeks pregnant.

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when i first went to polyclinic, i was at week 6. they wanted to schedule appt the with KK following week, but i thought it's too early (on first visit they normally do scan but if it's too early, you still need to do another scan post week 8 for dating scan for more accurate EDD). so i asked to push back another week so i'll only go KK at week 8. on that first visit, they already laid out schedule for FTS at week 12 and 20 week scan. i think NUH has a longer waiting time. you can try call if can reschedule earlier and let them know how far along you are. especially if you're keen to do FTS (first trimester screening) that needs to be done before week 13. i imagine they'll need time to secure appt for that (also need to do blood tests prior). i'd be anxious too if i'm you.. good luck mama!

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Went to get a referral at 6 wks pregnant & got an appt at NUH 4 weeks later at 10 wks +. I had a miscarriage a yr before and I confirmed my pregnancy with the dr but to confirm again, I was made to do the urine test. FYI, if u want to base your pregnancy on your LMP it may not be accurate. U could be earlier or later than 8 weeks. Just so u know, it's only a small clinic in NUH (subsidies one) and always crowded and yes very normal to get your 1st appt 4 weeks later. I gave birth there twice, recent one was on Feb this yr.

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i got referred from polyclinic too and the GP did ask if i wanna do urine test to confirm and said it's actually not necessary. but i did it anyways. GP thot i was at 10 weeks pregnant and requested an urgent appt at the hospital i preferred. by right, first scan should be 11weeks and earlier. my appt was scheduled the following week. i did a scan and was actually only at 8 weeks.

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12 weeks is not long . my friend entered 2nd trimester when she has her first ultrasound . i guess hospital now are very very pack . as it is covid . however , did u mention to polyclinic that u have a miscarriage in jan ? i think its better to call up nuh and mention about the miscarriage that u had before . prayers to u and ur baby mommy ! 🥰

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Hi, same here. I went to polyclinic to get referral to NUH. And they gave me my first appt when I was 12 weeks. Upon checking with my other friends, apparently it’s normal. But if you’re worried, as you had a miscarriage, I suggest you call NUH directly and enquire if it’s possible to be earlier. Stay safe!!

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It can be very stressful! I actually went to the GP to ask for a blood test to confirm the urine test. 😊 Usually referral via polyclinic can be quite slow. So maybe can consider visiting a private for now. Otherwise if just want to confirm pregnancy, can get the blood test done! Don’t stress.

Hi mommy! I went to poly first around 6 weeks. With the referral it took abt 5 more weeks for a slot at KKH, so i only did the urine test etc at week 11. In between I went to private clinic for check up. I feel more reassured.

If you worry just go to the nearest gynae clinic for check up first? Then subsequent can follow up at NUH. I went for my first scan and did blood test when I 4 wks to confirm my pregnancy at a nearby private gynae clinic.

12 weeks abit long, but if you are worried and wants to confirm ur pregnancy, can go to any GP and do blood test. but if ur test kits are confirmed, dont worry so much!

I went polyclinic at week 6 and the doctor asked me to do a urine test to confirm the pregnancy. and I was scheduled an appointment at kkh on my 8/9 week. quite fast.