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Hello there! Previous pregnancy I went to POlyclinic to get a referral to go to KKH and then I switched over to private at 30 weeks. Now I’m 5 weeks + pregnant and would like to ask. If i were to get a referral to KKH, do I do all the first trimester check on the first visit? Eg, blood test AND visiting AMC. I called kkh and they told me if I go under private, I can only book an appt with the gynae but AMC appointment is a different date. I don’t really want to split the appointment as I have limited leaves and I don’t really want to keep going to KKH due to covid too. Please advise!

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first trimester screening and amc between 11-14 weeks. unlikely will be during first visit, they have to assess and only able to refer after first visit. they cannot book you straightaway to AMC on first visit.

Hi mummy! I was 8.5 weeks when i went for my first appt. i did a full blood test and my husband did it too. They also did a scan to check for baby. (E.g single pregnancy/twins)