Acne Breakout

Pls share some tips on how to make them all go away!! My face has a terrible acne breakout now and it's only getting worse day by day. Feeling quite down because my skin has never been so bad! :( Also, been getting acne on my back, which never happens.

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Super Mum

Not much you can do since cleansers that can help reduce breakout shouldn't be used. You can use a mild cleanser like Simple, avoid putting any makeup, and avoid oily heat food and drinks. Eat more greens and fruits.

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It is all due to hormones. Try asking your gynae? I had to stop my acne facial wash as it consist of ingredients that are harmful to the baby :-( so I had to use something milder.

2y ago

Can share what facial wash are u currently using? (:

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I had to deal with that and it stresses me out. I switched to Cetaphil Acne and this is a lifesaver! No more big bumps and slowly it’s healing.

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Me too. It’s just hormones. It will go away during 2nd tri. I switched to the brand simple when I found out I’m preg


R u currently pregnant or no? Different treatment if u are currently pregnant

Super Mum

Use a cleanser that controls oil will help and keep your face hydrated

Change ur facial wash and body shampoo

2y ago

Im using Cetaphil

Super Mum

Ice ur face after every shower.