My mother in law still practices burning of garbage (siga) whenever she comes over and do some cleaning. With this, kids are exposed to the smoke produced from the burning waste. How can I tell her (without hurting her feelings) that it is not advisable already because burning of garbage is not good for the environment?

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Hay nako! Have the same problem. It's my aunt and neighbors who does this STILL in this age and time. And every time they do so smoke gets inside out airconditioning unit to our rooms. I told my relatives that my kids are being exposed to this second hand smoke and my youngest has environmental allergies pa. You'd happy to know that there is a law against open burning of garbage that was passed in 2011. My husband printed it out and confronted or neighbor two months ago. Neighbor was appalled that he was told to kill the fire by my husband when he's been doing it for the past 40+ years daw. Doing something for a long time doesn't make it right nor should we tolerate it!

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