Pinoy dads, honestly, what should the wives do to make you feel wanted and loved despite having kids at home?

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By simple acts, like serving her food or letting her take a rest while you take care of everything. You can also give her ocassional gifts that will make her day, like flowers or anything she likes. Make it a habit to tell her you love her, and show it as often as you can.

They say that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach so I make sure that I cook good food for supper after tiring day of work. Also, majority of men are into sports so I support my husband in his football games and we do watch live basketball games together.

the way to win a man's heart through his stomach. Just cook his favorite food. If you are not really into cooking just try your best. and you will be appreciated. and don't forget to give your partner a massage every once in a while.

Cook very good food and join them in watching their favorite sports on tv.