Parents, what series are you into? Can you share what shows you are crazy about?

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FRIENDS is my all time favorite series, it will always make you laugh some will also make you cry, relate to their everyday lives, what real friends do to your life, lessons you could get for each experiences they faced, you'll also see how trust, acceptance & forgiveness that everyone of us should do and more important is you would see the love they share for each other.

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At the moment, I'm embracing my inner nerd and watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. My wife and I are about to begin Stranger Things. And she personally watches Suits. I hope any of those are viable options for your viewing preferences!

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The Modern Family!! It's about relationships and other family-related stuff. It's a comedy series but surely for every episode there are lessons and some other things to ponder on.

I'm more of koreanovelas rather than English series. But I got hooked with The Walking Dead last year when my husband suggested that we do a marathon for our date night.

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Not into series but loves watching different koreanovelas. Also love watching Running Man and 2days and 1 night videos!

Brooklyn 99 💕 i’ve been re watching this series over 5 times now. Season 6 just cant come any faster ☺️

Game of Thrones! 😄 Muntik ko nang pangalanang Dany yung baby ko because of the Mother of Dragons. 😅

All time favorite ko ang suites and greys anatomy.

game of thrones, teen wolf and supernatural

Greys Anatomy forever 💕❤️