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What brand of baby wipes are you using for your little ones? And what are you looking into when choosing a wipes?

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Sanicare/Cherub. Pag nasa bahay lang kami cotton,water tsaka yung sabon lang gamit ko kay baby pag nag poop sha. Newborn til now ganun parin gamit ko sa kanya. Nagkaka rashes sha pag wipes lage gamit ko

I mixed mine with wet cotton which is more safe sa baby's skin then Sweetbaby wipes, pag aalis. Mas madali kumuha ng per piece yung Sweetbaby, walang aksaya.

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I'm using unscented Unilove Baby wipes... manufactured by Unicare.. 2months na baby ko and still no rashes... mura na maganda pa...

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Sweet Baby. my considerations are safe, hypo allergenic, thick ( i like the ones in honeycomb) and of course economical.


Sweet baby, we look for thickness of the wipes , doesn't easily dries out,unscented and waterbased

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Maganda ung mabasa kaysa sa dry, i use pampers wipes sobrang soft at moisturizing kay baby

Farlin mamsh ung powder scent. Mabango and hindi nagrarashes si baby ko.

uni-love unscented mas mura malambot, alcohol free, and hypoalergenic

Aveeno po.. i look for softness and dapat nd xa harsh sa skin ni baby

Unilove baby wipes , unscented 👍🏻