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Francine Rivera, Philippines

mommy at 20

About Francine Rivera


Any suggestions for mosquito bite ointments? Huhu. Super lapitin ng insects tong si baby ☹️
i use the same cream na ginagamit q sa rashes nya. yung drapolene. effective sya sobra.


Hi fellow mommies and daddies! I just wanted to ask for suggestions for cheap but nice baptismal receptions around QC, Mandaluyong or Pasig. Ideally a venue that offers catering already. Budget is 10k
Bump bump!

Girl friend or girlfriend?

My partner has this girl he keeps going to when he has problems. I wouldnt have a problem with that usually but he goes to this girl more than me. Is it normal for guys to have this kind of a relation
no its not normal...its like he's seeing her more than you because he is more comfortable with her, talk to him