What are the things that your biyenan does that drives you crazy?

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First things first, I must say my in-laws are so nice to me. However, there are times when my mother in law really gets in to my nerves. The very first moment I was so upset with her was when I gave birth. She was with us all through out my labor and delivery. At the time they roomed-in my baby, she rushed towards the nurse to get the baby without even bothering to let me breastfeed her first and carry her for the very first time. Gladly, the nurse told her to let me have the baby first so I can breastfeed her before anybody else can carry her. Until now, every time she tries to be a "stage grandma" to my little one drives me nuts. Sometimes, "too much" care/concern doesn't help.

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I personally don't have any problems with my biyenan at all because he's been very good to me. But probably one thing he did that drove me crazy was when he got angry that we didn't call for a day, and he didn't get to see his newborn grandson. I was still reeling from the pains of childbirth then, and probably having after-birth blues so imagine the pressure on me. Haha. But I love my biyenan. I think I'm a lucky girl! :)

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well, I am blessed with inlaws whom my family can get along with. But, what drives me crazy is seeing them manifesting favoritism between their 2 grandchildren. Preferring the other one than our child (the fact that the other one was already living with them, and we got to visit them once a week only) Im not saying that they should choose my child than the other. I just want to see some fairness I guess

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I can say that my in-laws and I have a good relationship even if we have different point of views. It just drives me crazy whenever they do baby talk with my child and use words like "mamam" (for drink water). To avoid conflicts, I let my husband remind them every time he hears it.

Every time the in laws communicates with the husband, there must be something. It is very unusual that they communicate with hubby unless they need something or they have a new drama in the family. Otherwise, they don't bother communicating with us at all.

My bienan tends to be corrective of our parenting style, which is I think all bienans do. Lol. But I don't mind at all. I understand that they have this different way of raising a child. I'm sure they just want our kids to grow as better individuals.

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my biyenan is too mabait but sometimes nags alot to his son,gosshh it's so irritating and the part of making "sumbat" hurts so much.