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My parents were never around much when I was young, always out, work/leisure. When I was pregnant they weren’t even happy about it because I was unwed, after awhile they came to accept it n kept trying to micromanage everything I do because they said I was carrying “their baby”?? They doubted me every step of the way n insisted that I will not be able to handle my baby myself n that I couldn’t even take care of myself 🙄, Fast forward few months, baby was born n I took care of her together with my now husband alone, no parents help, no nanny, nothing. Anyway, she’s 16mo now n we hate helicopter parenting so we usually hang back n let her do her thing n not “protect” or hover around her 24/7 or pick her up n coddle her immediately when she falls. My mum has now gotten into the habit of criticising my parenting skills n saying that we r neglecting “her baby” because she has bumps on her head or say a scratch on her arm, insisting that I am not feeding her right that she’s too skinny(she’s in the 80th percentile), she uses expired Zambak on her bruises even though I INSISTED NO medication unless absolutely necessary but she just shoots me back with “it’s better than nothing, u want to neglect her somemore meh? see her bump so big!” My dad on the other hand, constantly gives her snack all the time, popcorn, pickled veggies, chocolates, whatever I say no to, he gives n say “it’s only abit, not everytime also what. U see, she wants more” I have scolded them many many times n they never listen to me 🤦🏻‍♀️ Now I’m eagerly awaiting my hdb rental flat to be ready so we can move out of this place zz

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I feel your predicament. I’m stuck in a similar situation like yourself, and like you, I’m waiting for our flat with my wife. We’re still in the midst of applying for a rental flat, but my own parents do not want us to move out because “we’re unable to take care of ourselves”. It’s kind of annoying to get belittled by one’s own parents, and even get dictated on what to do and what not to, but I guess that’s our parents for us.

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10mo ago

Yea! I took care of myself just fine since I was young, they were barely around to even see me, how did they think I made it this far? 😂