Baby doesn’t cry for milk

Hi mummies, May I know what was the longest your baby (3months old) have gone without milk? My baby’s max was 7hrs and sometimes 5hrs she also won’t cry for milk :( I would keep on trying to feed but she would simply fuss n cry n arch backwards n push away the bottle! Now I’ve resorted to placing my foot on a table/sofa to sit her on one thigh while bouncing on the other leg n making some weird repetitive sound to make her drink. It’s very unsightly n I definitely couldn’t do it when I’m out of my own house. If I don’t do it, my baby won’t drink. But I’m also worried what if I’ll spoil her n it becomes the only way she would drink then she’ll refuse to just drink seated normally in my lap like before? How, mama? What would you ladies choose? 1) Risk spoiling her n making her unable to feed while positioned properly but at least she drinks for now, or 2) just try to make her hungry enough (even though it could take 5hrs n up) to make her just drink properly without fussing?

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Yes mummy. My baby too having that problem he can dont drink milk.. even if i force to breastfeed him he will pout his lips and sleep. But usually he will cry after hours of sleeping without milk. Dont worry its normal all my boys are like that.