Food for 15mths

My LO is 15mths now but I’m still avoiding to give her salt n sugar whenever possible. Recently after her fever, she started to not like eating her porridge. Use to be loving everything we give. Not so sure is that related to the “after-fever-effect” or simply just because she has grown bigger. When we went for staycation, I did feed her with outside food.. n baby food. But it seems like she’s also not so fascinated with normal food. Now I have to put bits of biscuits into her every bite of porridge to make her eat her lunch or dinner. I do put herbs, different natural oil into her baby food to give flavors but not sure why now she just don’t like. I tried different eggs.. french toast.. d non-baby food type too but she also doesn’t like. Any of u facing the same issue? Or any advise out there that I should do? Thanks.

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maybe try making the food more.vibrant in terms of plating?