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i’m a young first time mom whose taking care of lo full time since birth on my own with hubby help, we do not have our own place so we’re staying wif my mom. I was raised by my grandma as my parents were never around, always working, always drinking. My parents have forced me to undergo 2 previous abortions as I was unwed, & they deemed that I was unable to care for a child’s on my own n will always ask for help. If I didn’t abort i will get kicked out. Now that I have a baby (7mos), they are OBSESSED with her. Not that it’s a bad thing since they love her but they constantly wanna hog my lo, if I try to take her away to go nap/feed/diaper change or something they will say things like “wa u very obsessive leh.” “cannot play with her ah??” “why everytime lock her in the room? later she not used to other people” If I say that I’m bringing her to feed or sleep or change diaper they will say, “aiya later la” even though she’s clearly hungry or sleepy or in discomfort n crying. Then they will say to her “why u cry? see mommy u cry right? ok mommy go away u stay with me ok? don’t cry already, beat u ah” They refuse to change her as they say it’s not their duty, they can’t feed her because she’s too active to be fed unless she calms down but they love to hype her up, they can’t make her nap as well because they have no patience n love too hype her up. They also constantly want to bring her out alone without me when they’ve already clearly proved incapable to taking care of her even at home, she’s worse outside n they can’t even change her diaper. Always saying “nevermind just let her cry” They also constantly wanna feed her thing like salted veg, chocolate, biscuits, candies n grapes. They also LOVEEE to tell me what to do, how to raise her etc when they never raised me on their own. But at the end of the day, they’ll just “return” her to me when she’s crying so badly n starving.

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Super Mum

Oh dear. While your parents can play with your child, it sounds like they are very irresponsible and doesn’t care about any consequences. This behaviour is not healthy for you and your child. Pls follow your own instincts as a mother and be firm with them so that you can protect your girl. Those food are not healthy for your child. Babies need routine in terms of sleeping and food. Your parents can play with her but with a time set by you. They may be your parents but they don’t know how to take care of a baby. You may be young but you can take care of your girl. Be strong and be firm!

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1y ago

Yea.. n if I try to give her anything “unhealthy” they will say cannot, not good. But they can haisss

Hi , can I suggest u to get your own rental house from HDB under financial assistance ? U may go get some help from MSF , please google one near your house . Meet the MP to ask for help too (infant care) and your child is much safer there rather than at your parents home .

1y ago

That wouldn’t be possible, I’m unemployed n don’t intend to work yet till lo goes to nursery.


it sounds really very bad.