Parents-in-law 24/7 complaining

They complain that they cant carry the baby . But becoz ever since my discharge , they have been taking the baby out of the room . Arent baby suppose to be close w the mother as of now ? They kept taking and only return her to me when she sleeps. When my baby awakes, she is out of the room again. I cant take it and insisted "rules" . They complained to my husband, and my husband sided them and etc. I feel shitty that I am like not my child's mother. Along w that, my husband went on saying that give birth was easy. Haha, i am tired . dear parents, please help me. It's my child, but i rarely have time to see her just because her grandparents kept taking her away. Even angbao money, they kept. Arent it suppose to be the parents who keep it ? Who is the parent now? I dont even know . Haha.

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yeah i know how it feels. i’m so annoyed with my mil especially. everything i have for my baby she have it also. i buy stroller, she buy stroller. i buy baby bag, she buy baby bag. then insist on using her stroller and her baby bag? 🤯🤯 my husbands side her saying she never take care of grand kid before. but i’m also a first time mum, i also never take care of kid before. i’m so annoyed sometimes i tell my brother in law that prolly their mum should adopt a baby if she wants to take care of 1 so much!!

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Sorry to know your situation. Could it be your parents-in-law want you to rest more? If is not, then you may tell them you want to have more time with the baby and will let them spend some time with the baby as well. About the red packets money, you may get back from them and open a joint saving account. I am surprised your husband said giving birth is easy. The fact is a woman is risking her life from the day she is pregnant till she gives birth.

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1y ago

For the sake of your mental well-being, please leave that hell hole. I won’t be surprised if they fight for custody over your child in the future..

God! i know how you feel! sometimes i feel like husbands should stay with us and our parents and tell our parents to treat them like how their parents treat us, then they know what it feels like!