Infant care OR hire a helper?

Hello parents, In one month’s time, my wife will be ending her maternity and we are considering between sending our baby to infant care and hiring a helper. My parents are aggressively wanting us to hire a helper but my wife and myself are poised to using infant care instead. We have weighed the pros and cons between both options and felt that the latter is best for our baby’s development. Reason for not wanting a helper 1. Having another person at home will introduce a different set of problems 2. I can’t have my helper at home with my 3 months old son without supervision 3. Maid will usually take the easiest way to stop the baby from crying without long term consideration for the child’s well being 4. Baby might grow accustomed to helper’s indulgence and affect the bond between child and parents Cons of sending a child in infant care 1. Time and schedule will become rigid 2. Child can fall sick easily due to contagion I would like to hear more from any parents here whom were once in my position. What were your considerations, observations and ultimately what did you choose and why? Thanks once again.

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I hired a domestic helper 6 years ago when my son was born. partly cos my in-laws wanted to help care (play) with their grand child but don't want the hassle of the diaper changing etc etc. my brother