Feeling worried in hiring helper

Hi parents, I am intending to hire a helper to takecare of my 8mo baby. Helper and baby will be at my parents place while my husband and I are away for work. But the problem is I think I might have overthink too much and always feeling worried if helper can be entirely trusted. I’m so so worried that helper will harm baby in any way because my parents can’t be watching the helper closely as they have their own work to attend to at home. Hope parents with experience here can help me out by easing my overthinking

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Super Mum

If your helper is here before you go back to work, you can observe her for a period of time and see how she takes care of baby:) it’s natural to feel anxious about such things but there are helpers that are very good too. If it comes to a point where you’re so worried that you cannot focus on working, then you and your husband might want to discuss either of you stopping work to take care of baby. Either way, it’s a big decision. Hope everything goes well ❤️

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