What are you thankful for in 2021?

#TAPpyHolidays2021 As this year ends, my heart is overwhelmed with joy. I thank the Lord and I am grateful enough to express my deepest joy to others on how God has worked mightily on our lives as we survived the COVID virus! My whole family was diagnosed with COVID this year. What worried me back then was that my mother had heart & lung problems, my cerebral palsy brother had a low immune system and my baby was just 2 months old! To top it all up, my father, who was the healthiest among us, got critical and was placed in ICU. Those were the most darkest times for the whole family. We were nearly accepting the fact that it would be our last. But you know what, prayer works mightily! At our most deepest, & darkest times, where we could do nothing but wait. We prayed. We prayed day & night for a miracle of healing to all of us. And God heard our prayers. It was a miracle that all of us were healed, even my papa regained his strength. I thank God for the healing, the protection and even the sustenance He gave us back then and even until now. I thank God that our family is still complete and that we can share Christmas together!

What are you thankful for in 2021?
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Super Mum

so many of us has been hit hard by this pandemic, but there is always something to be thankful for.πŸ’™β€

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