Do you give alms to a pulubi when you're with your kids? Why or why not?

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Whether I'm with a kid or not, I really don't give alms to beggars - but the only exception is to give in to street kids who are very annoying and trying all their might just to get the food out of my hands whenever I carry anything like a drink or a bread or anything. But money? Never and more not if I have a kid in tow. In my opinion, those beggars are too dependent to the forgiving people and are not even thinking about lifting themselves from their situation. Worse is some of them even fight you back if you don't give any and that's really scary.

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I'm not really comfortable to give money to pulubis just because I don't know where they'll use it-- probably to buy food or cigarettes. I only give alms in the form of food, since I always have Skyflakes or any form of biscuit in my bag just in case, since I know that at least they'll get to eat.