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Hi Parenting Community! I was wondering about baby formula, there are so many to choose from! What is the best baby formula for two month old baby? And how can I get sample formulas for my baby to try before diving into one brand of milk formula? Thank you!

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No sample milk for 6 months and below so as to promote breast milk. U can buy small tin to try out first before buying the big tin. My bb is drinking Nan HA now.

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Hi .. u may can go to the particular website of each brand n request for sample according to ur baby stage .. they will send u for free .. hope it may help .

Usually there won't be samples for stage 1 milk.. maybe you can buy 400g small tin to try out first? I've seen it available for Nan and Similac

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It takes time to trial an error. And it normally takes a few days to know. Stage 1 samples are not allowed. Maybe you can try Nan or Enfamil?

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for infant below 6 mths no samples . As they advise to bf .. if after 6 mths old , can request from pd or milk company for sample

Go to the milk company websites to register for samples once baby reach 6 months old. They will deliver to your place.

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No milk formula sample for babies who are below 6 months old. You will have to buy small tin ones to try out.

You won't get samples under 6 months. So it's best to buy small tins and try them to see which is best

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Buy a small tin to try & error. I give enfamil & Aptamil to my LO .. dumex - too thick & sweet..

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Hi... you can go to infant formula brands website to register and request for samples