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Mom of three rugrats

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Did you ever feel mom guilt? How do you cope with it?
May mga times na muntik na lumapat yung mga palad ko sa mga anak ko dahil gusto ko ng paluin sa kakulitan. Yung talagang naka bwelo at naka swing na yung kamay ko tapos buglang hihina at hindi tatama
im a type of person that hot tempered so when my lo is being cranky i cant control my self and scold her even though she cant undrstand it coz shes still a baby..then after that i just say sorry to my
I feel guilty at times when I let them go out of the room or I get impatient when I'm working (from home) and they're so makulit. Right after I'm done with my task, I say sorry to them and cuddle them
What are your thoughts on ligation? At what age or after how many kids will you have it done should you decide to go for it?
I was offered by an OB to be ligated when I was about to give birth to my second child. My mom didn't want me to undergo the procedure as she still believes in natural family planning.
If ever I'll do it, it would be afer having two kids and hopefully a boy and a girl.
How do you approach your child when he/she doesn't like to continue at an enrolled summer lesson (in my case, piano lesson)? Our 5 y.o. does not want to continue anymore after 2 sessions only 🙁 And s
Hayaan nyo lang sya sa gusto nya baka di.nya tamaga gusto ang piano
Pagdating sa music, hindi talaga pwedeng pilitin. He will just end up hating the piano lessons
Baka po iba ang interest ng anak niyo po.
let them play and be a kid. mabilis lang panahon hayaan mong maglaro at makadiscover ng hilig niya☺️ wag siya pilitin kasi mangyayari jan maaga siyang magsasawa sa pagaaral pag di niya gusto gawin hay
Kids have short attention spans and I figure they haven’t yet fully grasped the idea of seriously committing to one thing, and in this case, taking piano lessons for them can be seen as a heavy respon
My 1 y.o. doesn't drink formula milk after I abruptly stopped breastfeeding him when my OB told me so to stop the spotting and the risk of a miscarriage. How do I get him to drink milk?
Hello, You know, what my mum used to do after I put my baby on formula milk is, add one cardamom in the formula milk while preparing it. It gives milk a different flavour and child likes it. Since, y
Hi, What you can do is, try diluting the milk with just little more water than what is usually done. May be the baby is having problem adjusting to the consistency of the milk. Since, breastmilk is n
It will take more patience sis to formula feed your child. Don't get frustrated, feed him few ounces then paulit ulit lang.