Baby led weaning risk?

Is it okay not to do baby led weaning? I’m afraid of choking my baby

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Super Mum

Absolutely ok. Don’t be pressured into doing BLW. We traditional fed baby with purees too. She’s now 16mo and able to self-feed herself with spoon really well.. :)

2y ago

Anytime!!! :)) Take careee.

VIP Member

It’s perfectly fine. 😁 You can do it on baby’s own cue and when you feel more comfortable.

Super Mum

Of course it’s okay!:) I did traditional weaning too. Kids are perfectly healthy and good.

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It's really up to you. If you are worried, just stick to purees and porridge. 😊

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Of course ok. Ur baby ur way. Dun let other tell u otherwise

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it's fine not to(:


I didn't do blw.

Its okay