Traditional vs baby led weaning

Hi mums! Traditional or baby led weaning, and why? Pls share with me your experiences and thoughts.

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I tried both because I wanted baby to practise on pincer grasp . But i ended up with tradtional . My toddler is 13 months now . BLW Baby eats on his own , and he can eat what families eat together , but at this young age (6 months) , its very messy . Baby throw food on the floor , it seems like he is playing with his food more than , putting food in his mouth . But ended up gagging a lot . Which makes mummy panic !!! Traditional weaning Mummy will feed baby , its very clean . Hahhaha unless baby spit out his food . Again , its up to your preference . I suggest u try both . Because every baby is different.

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Both have pros and cons, I think it's best to have a mix of both. I feed my baby 3 main meals by spoon feeding (puree/porridge), and outside of those I give her pieces of fruit, veggie, cookie as snacks. Learning to eat by hand (holding stuff and putting inside mouth, and chewing) is an important skill that shouldn't be skipped I think.

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I did tried both. But I choose traditional in the end. WHY? Blw very messy and baby tend to choose what she like to eat and don't like. And I don't like the way baby play with food. Lbw I cook what she just eat not so tiring and messy. But I still give her snack to let her hold herself and eat. Only snack or fruits.

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I tried both! In the end I'm doing traditional weaning now.. I can't deal with the gagging.. supposed to be calm in front of the baby, but I can't! Haha! So nerve wrecking.

we went with traditional, partly cos i didnt bother research in depth into BLW

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Traditional. Less wash up and waste.