Is it okay to freeze banana puree and avocado puree?

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Yes U can freeze it but it's going to oxidize and taste different so why not finish it or only use what U need? For avocado, u can leave the seed in it and brush some lemon juice on it to prevent or slow down the browning n put in the normal fridge part - but best to silk use asap. Before feed baby, just cut away the part that was in contact w the lemon juice

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You can, however I prefer not to as they oxidize and turn brown. Texture is also changed. Best to feed fresh. With avocado, if you can't finish the whole thing, then just put the skin back on, wrap it with a cling wrap, put it in a tupperware and back into the fridge. If it turns abit brown, you can just scrape off the top part :)

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This r e 2 fruits that easily turns brown. Why nt u just scoope it out n feed directly which is more fresh. I dont practice freezing of fruits and vegetables for my lo. I can give you suggestion on e types you can freeze. E•g Carrot, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Potato, Apple, Pear, peach, Prunes

I wouldnt advise you to freeze both of these fruits. Its best to eat them right away. You can freeze other stuffs like carrots, pumpkins, or sweet potatoes.

I blended n freezed them as fast as I can just for 1-1.5wks of supply.. Kid turns out fine?? Lolz..

I would suggest you prepare these 2 fruits only when you need to serve if not it will turn brown very easily

No need lah. Takes about 30 seconds to put in a bowl and mash and then can serve and eat right away

There is no need for u to puree these 2 items. They can be just mashed n fed immediately