Banana Puree for baby

Hi mummies, how do you make banana puree for babies? When I put it in the blender and blend it, it will oxidize and turn brown. How to prevent the banana puree from turning brown? Or do you serve the oxidized puree to your baby?

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you can use spoon and take banana directly without mashed it in other place, just open the skin a bit then use spoon to do like when peeling a ginger using spoon

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When my baby just started to eat solids, I mashed the banana with fork and add bm. I think you just need to prep just enough for one meal.☺️

It’s better if you mash it and serve as soon if not it will oxidize and turn brown

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Can smash it , cos banana is very soft already, add bm or fm .

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I just mash it and give to baby immediately.

U can just mash it finely with a spoon.

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Just mash it using a masher...

Thank you mummies!

Just mash will do

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acty cn use fork