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Hi all, this may be an odd question but I’m actually wondering how to deal with this. I just gave birth 2 weeks ago and am staying with my in laws. They are very nice, but I have no privacy... they come in to my room as and when - this I still can accept. But the situation is - my sister in law doesn’t stay with us and keeps coming over at 8+am in the morning just to carry my baby. She comes to my room and just carries my baby. I can’t even have morning time with her. She carries my baby more than I carry It’s honestly annoying me because we don’t get along and only after I gave birth to a girl, (she’s always wanted a girl but it didn’t happen, she has boys) she’s been coming over as though it’s ok to just pick up my baby and cradle her for hours. I don’t want my husband to get caught in the middle as well. How do I handle this? I feel like shifting out 😭

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Lock the door. It's really rude to just barge in to someone's room w/o knocking so lock the door.